Tying The Financial Knot


Tying the financial knot was created to be a resource and community for engaged and newlywed couples. 

After spending 5 years teaching engaged couples how organize their new financial life together, I decided to document all my experiences so that I could help even more couples. 

Are you ready to tie the financial knot?

I want nothing more than to help couples like you organize your financial life, achieve financial peace and live a more fulfilled life.

I am am an expert in helping people with very specific needs and so I am not a good fit for everyone.  Read the statements below and see if any of these resonate with you:

1.       You need help designing a plan to get out of debt and start saving.

2.       You are ready to take action but you don’t know where to start.

3.       You have started to take action multiple times but have trouble staying               consistent in your journey.

4.       You have goals that you want to achieve but never have the money to                 achieve them.

5.       You want the peace that comes from not feeling guilty about spending money.


Do You Desire a Greater Sense of Financial Security?


Tying The Financial Knot Program


Tying The Financial Knot is a step by step program that helps you to design what wealth looks like for YOU, kick start your progress towards achieving your wealth and accompany you on the journey as a coach and mentor.

For years you have been told that wealth is a large 401k and a condo on the beach when you turn 65. But wealth is so much more than that. 

What if wealth for you is owning your own company? We can help you design that.

What if wealth for you is having a large family? We can help you design that.

What if wealth for you is being location independent? We can help you design that. 

What if wealth for you is putting your spiritual and physical health before a dollar amount that you have to make? We can help you design that. 

Designable Wealth was born out of the idea that there are as many paths to wealth as there are people. We help you identify what wealth looks like for you and design a customized plan to achieve it. 


Who We Are Not

  • We are not financial advisors (We don't give investment advice).
  • We are not insurance sales men (We don't sell any financial products).
  • We are not affiliates (We don't receive any form of commission for what we recommend).

Who Do You Work With?


We invite anyone interested in thinking differently about wealth to set up a time to chat with us. That being said we believe that we are experts in helping people with the following characteristics:

  • Newlywed or New Parents (First 5 years of marriage).
  • Currently struggling with student loan debt ($50,000 or more in debt).
  • Looking for a teacher and coach for their personal finances.

Where Are You Located?


We are location independent. All of our meeting are held via phone calls and video chat but if you are ever in New England and want to meet up just let us know.

How Does It Work?


Wealth Design Bootcamp: 6 Month Intensive Program to Design Your Wealth (13 Individual Meetings over 6 months).

1. Take the Wealth Inventory and review where you stand.

2. Identify your core values and create a Family Mission Statement.

3. Design Wealth Goals aligned with your values.

4. Design a Wealth Road Map to achieve your Wealth Goals.

5. Identify how you currently use your time and design a Family Time Matrix.

6. Design a Budget tailored for how you view wealth.

7. Design a plan to get out of debt (if applicable).


Wealth Design Journey: Monthly Education and Accompaniment on your Wealth Journey (Starts After The 6 Month Intensive)

1. Monthly webinar covering elements of wealth for you to consider and act upon (1 Hr).

2. Monthly Check-In meeting to review monthly topic and overall wealth progress (1 Hr).


1. Family Record Organizer: A binder to store all of the documents you should         have for your family. 

2. 9 hours of 1 on 1 coaching in the first 6 months and 1 hour per month for             every month after. 

3. A Wealth Inventory: A snap shot of your current wealth.

4. A Family Mission Statement: Core values for your family.  

5. Family Goals: Clear definition of what your values look like in your day. 

6. Wealth Road Map: Step by step guide to achieve your wealth goals. 

7. Family Time Matrix: What an ideal week looks like for you based on your             values. 

8. Budget tailored to your specific family situation and online access to the First     Step Cash Flow Management budgeting software.  

9. A clear road map outlining your path to building wealth as a family. 

10. Unlimited email support access.

11. Monthly live webinars covering the personal finance topic of the month.

12. Exclusive access to the Designable Wealth Facebook closed group                         community where you can interact with other Designable Wealth members         and receive tips and introductions from my personal network of Attorneys,           CPAs, Investment Advisors, Real Estate Professionals and Insurance                     Agents. 



Schedule your free 30 minute chat to see if I can help you design your WEALTH